Brute Bronco 6×6

Author: BruteTerorr We already that beastly 6×6 from SID and now BT joins in with his rendition of what a 6×6 Bronco would look like. Not much info on this except a whole list of good looking tires to choose from and that it has very good off road capabilities.

Ford Bronco

Author: Sergey Pasichnyk Source: Good quality mod. I suspect it is ripped from another game but i welcome this mod as it does look the part. It rides good, can take a punishment and has three wheels to choose from. A good scout vehicle to explore new maps with!

Test drive – SID Bronco

This is a concept mod by SID. It is an open top Bronco in early development stage and even at this point it drives up hills and through mud like there is no tomorrow. Once finished this will be a great car to have lots of off-road fun with. More … Continue reading