Map – Bridge over the river Vah

Author: V12 Source: V12 Map works in Legacy and latest stable. Latest stable by: King Unique Start Your Uaz, find T148 with garrage carriage, then continue to find Praga Utility. Use Praga to refuel T813 equiped with garrage cariage. With this two Tatra trucks unlock garage, use apropriate equipment and … Continue reading

Map – Bridge Building

Author: Linc Source: This is more of an exercise map instead of a big exploring map. If you want to learn how to build bridges but you don’t want to spend a lot of time driving around the map to do so then practise on this map. Available in … Continue reading

ST14 – Bridge building over a big river

ST14 – Bridge building over a big river

Crossing the river in the river map can be tricky sometimes, so why not build a bridge! Check this out by using multiple pillars and a lot of logs it can be done. Source: LincArro

ST14 – New Bridge Physics

Author: Anders Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: Yes (probably) This is a mod you want to install right now. It changes the physics of the wooden bridges. It makes them more realistic because they now can break when the vehicle is too heavy for the bridge. Excellent tweak for when you need … Continue reading

ST14 – Bridge building material

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee Anders has created this nice mod which enables you too really build a proper log bridge. What he did is up the numbers of logs you spawn when you loose a load. Which can then be picked up for bridge building. Short logs: From 6- 20 … Continue reading