Level – Mt. Misery

Contains the following mods which have all been edited, except “Tattoos” HGear. In various ways to get the full rock bouncing effect.—- 1) “RockBouncMap” by. DrGoNzO1489 2) “RealMod” by. PressureLine OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/real-mod/ 3) “TreePhysicsv1.1” by. Bezzi OriginalFile: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/647-tree-physics/ 4) “HGear” by. Tattoo OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/gearboxes/ 5) “ScreaminBlue” by. Stetson OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/screamin-blue/ 6) “Brute … Continue reading

Rabid Canary

Author: stetson Source: Oovee This is a must have adrenaline junkie truck. A true Rock Bouncer. Which means it goes fast and can climb insane hills without problem. The only ‘downside’ is that it borders on out of control madness but don’t let that stop you. Its blue brother is … Continue reading

Screamin Blue

Author: Stetson Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee: here’s Screamin Blue. there are two xmls. its not an exact copy of the real truck but its close. to install copy the media folder into spin tires, probably does not work in multiplayer(it may idk) specs(ingame): Standard.xml roughly 500hp chevy 383 … Continue reading

Test drive – Blue Bouncer

Stetson is not stopping with creating new toys for us to play with.. This is the Blue Bouncer (yet to be named) and it is the wild cousin of the Yellow Bouncer.  Once you get it under control there is no stopping it besided hitting a tree or rock at … Continue reading

Test drive – Stetson Rock Bouncer

Stetson is busy with this yellow tube chassis rock bouncer. Yet to be named but full of potential this beast is going to fill a hole in ST. That of the Rock Bouncers. Trucks made out of tube chassis with big engines and big tires meant to do one thing … Continue reading