Level – Russian Arms Expo

Author: Łukasz Popowicz The Russian Army Expo shows are legendary. Lots of new hardware is shown and demonstrated their and this level uses it as the theme. The level features a testing ground, bombed out area with deep pits to lose your truck in and a deserted shooting range. Nice work … Continue reading

Tatra 813 Pack

CREDITS: Original tatra mesh: Drracer Textures: outerra studios Ingame convertion: Dustin B., Arraial, Zidon Sounds: P.Polánszki Convertion for latest update (and some addons ): V12, Pitrsonn, Korvetak, Maztekk and other friends from rc4x4.cz forum Here are 5 variations of Tatra: 1. “Normal” Tatra with lot of addons 2. “turbo” Tatra … Continue reading