Oshkosh MTVR 8×8

Original Mod Arraial,oldman777, converted for version 3.3.16 by thombuggy Text by author: SpinTires Plus v8 from http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/1310-spintires-plus/ highly recommended with this parameters : _SupportSilentLinkedSteering=”true” for sil

Kamaz 8×8

Author: furkat This is a beast. Plain and simple. It can do logging but can be loaded with a list of other stuff like cablerolls or bricks. Several tires to choose although i like the default set a lot. This truck is almost unstoppable.

TATRA 158 Phoenix

Heavy 8×8 truck TATRA 158 Phoenix with standard edition (dark red) and custom special edition (black) with 900 HP aircooled dakar engine. And as a special bonus S5 class trial truck. Original mesh & textures : Smety & Angelus conversion from 6×6 to 8×8 garminbreak Original chassis has been heavily … Continue reading


Author: Voto.1979 It has 4 of its addon + standard, and 2 pairs of wheels and a whole heap of awesomeness. This thing hauls ass over rough terrain, even when loaded with containers or lumber. It is a work in progress but what a beauty already!

Tatra Jamal 8×8

Author: V12 / garminbreak Info and screenshots by V12 Credits : – original mesh, textures and sounds stywy, Phoenix chassis and textures Smety and Angelus – aditional textures garminbreak – chassis 6×6 to 8×8 redesign garminbreak Original chassis has been dramaticaly reworked, now contains : – movable wheel hubs – … Continue reading

Test drive – Jamal 8×8

Author: V12 This is one heavy truck. It is the Jamal 6×6 but then in a 8×8 version. Which does not exist in real life, as far as i known, but it should because this one unstoppable truck. V12 has been working hard on implementing swinging half axles and this … Continue reading

Oskosh HET 8X8

Author: VDM (Vadim Chugaynov) Source: vk.com Vadim delivers a 8×8 HET and it is a very good mod. It had back wheel steering, animation (front shackles) and a list of addons to choose from. The truck has lots of pulling power and looks real good doing it thanks to the texturing … Continue reading

T816 HETT 8X8 and 10X10

Author: Garminbreak Source: Steam Now this is something i was looking forward. A answer to the American HETT. This is the T816 8×8 heavy equipment transport truck. With some good addons like a evacuation trailer, a xxl log trailer plus some smaller addons. Two choices in wheels. Excellent mod to … Continue reading

Forwarder Ponsse 8×8

Author: LS2015, gnescher, ronnie Source: vk.com This one of the first so called forwarders in the game. a 8X8 Ponsse to be exact. It has a choice in tires, a crane and bucket. Although apparently one of the buckets is in the wheels and the crane does not seem to … Continue reading

XPEN 8×8

Author: Bad_Nooooooooob Source: vk.com Now this is what i call a true Russian offroad beast. The XPEN 8×8 is virtually unstoppable with difflock engaged. It can carry its own loads and also haul a good sizes load. Download it and be amazed at the level of detail on this machine, both … Continue reading