Author: Voto.1979 It has 4 of its addon + standard, and 2 pairs of wheels and a whole heap of awesomeness. This thing hauls ass over rough terrain, even when loaded with containers or lumber. It is a work in progress but what a beauty already!

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 VX

Author: Bregel THIS MOD REQUIRES SPINTIRES PLUS V7 OR ABOVE TO RUN PROPERLY. GRAB LATEST SPINTIRES PLUS HERE : SPINTIRES PLUS is needed to get different suspension setup, gear setup and torque for each body style also different traction for each tire tread. TUTORIAL HOW TO INSTALL SPINTIRES PLUS … Continue reading

Test drive – Toyota LandCruiser 80 VX

Author: Bregel Some eye candy from the soon to be released Toyota Landcruiser 80 VX. Comes in 4 different bodies and a whole array of tires. Awesome looks combined with good off road capabilities. This is a truck which will be downloaded a lot i think.

Voto 80 Prototype

Author: Voto.1979 Source: It looks like the marriage between an alien spaceship and a Maz. And it is crazy :). It can pull a loaded carriage trailer uphill without problem and through deep mud like it isnt even there. It might look funny but this beast packs quite the … Continue reading

Test drive – Suzuki Samurai LJ80

This one reminds of the Suzuki Samurai i once used to own, a looooooong time ago. SpunInDarkness has created this little runner to have lots of fun with in the game. It can go pretty much anywhere. It likes the mud and water and can pick up quite some speed … Continue reading