Brute Bronco 6×6

Author: BruteTerorr We already that beastly 6×6 from SID and now BT joins in with his rendition of what a 6×6 Bronco would look like. Not much info on this except a whole list of good looking tires to choose from and that it has very good off road capabilities.

ST14 – Mercedes Benz 65G 6×6

Author: Bregel Source: unknown Bregel is the original author and i do not know if this was converted to the full game with this permission. But it is a good mod so here ya go!. A 6×6 Merc with city and off-road tires, a roof rack and 6 exhaust pipes. … Continue reading

K700A 6×6

Author: Darius Source: A 6×6 version of the K700 is the K700A. Comes with three sets of wheels and a good list of addons to haul logs through difficult terrain. All in all an impressive piece of Russian machinery. Update 18-4-16: Fixed bug disappears logs Added animation fan in … Continue reading

Toyota FJ40 6×6

Author: Bregel This has to be the ultimate Toyota available for this game. A 6×6 version of the beloved FJ40. Made by Bregel this is one good looking mod. It comes with several good looking tires and amazing detailed trailers to haul fuel, logs or other trucks. And this truck … Continue reading

K710 6×6

Source: Steam This is the K710 6×6 and you have to download and try this. Why? Because it can haul a long logs trailer up a steep slope without problem. That is why. I also took the liberty to add auto backsteer to this monster to make it better to … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 456

Author: Bregel Source: Oovee This is a fictional car, a 6×6 UAZ 456. Comes with a choice in tires and addons. There is even some sheep to drive around the map :). One word of warning, do not use more than 4 addons or the game engine will freak out! … Continue reading

SID 1975 K5 Blazer 6×6

Author: SID Source: Oovee Sometimes pictures say it all. Mine and SID screenshots. Different body and wheel texturing provided by SID. Amazing truck this is. If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.

UAZ 32 6×6

Author: Boogie Man Source: workshop The download is small but this truck stil impressed me by the way it looks and drives. Can be fitted with multiple wheels and a whole list of addons. Excellent mod for its download size.