Test drive – Yet another Kraz 6316

This Kraz 6316 Siberia is already available by BruteTerror and SID. And now Alexsander Sadovskiy is creating his version of this awesome truck. I got the chance to test drive this beauty and it is stunning so far. Good offroad capabilities and it comes fited with a tractor so you can … Continue reading

ST14 – Kraz Titan

Tweaker: Bombine33 Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: No Prereq: Man Titan by Arraial and Kraz 6316 by BruteTerror Warning: Overwrites the Kraz 6316 from BruteTerror. This tweak needs two other mods to come to life and wil overwrite the kraz 6316. But you then get the best of both worlds.. the awesome … Continue reading

ST14 – KRAZ 6316

Author: BruteTerror Skinner: SpunInDarkness Source: Oovee ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** This is the Kraz 6316 with 3 different beds and two different type of wheels and also a set of skins made by the well known SID. This truck can go anywhere so if … Continue reading