MAZ 509 Rat

Author:  Team EvilEmpire Source: A maz 509 that has seen better times. Called a Rat like you have a ratrod or ratbike. A list of addons for hauling logs or rescuing a truck are available along with a nice set of wheels to choose from.

MAZ 509

Author: Dimitry Romanenko Source: Very nice mod. It looks great, with superb animation and suspension. It can carry many addons including its own long logs trailer. Download it now and you will not be disappointed. Now also available in latest_stable:  

ST14 – MAZ 509

Author: DEMON74 / RedPow Source: Info: Wiki This is the MAZ 509 logging truck. A medium sized powerhouse of a truck. It can be fitted with different wheels and it can also haul trailers from other mods. The animations and damage are really good on this one, just ride … Continue reading