Map – Bax5

Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Part 5 in the Bax map line. Same thing as the earlier, well put together map with good terrain variations. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’levels/latest_stable/level_Bax_5_legacy.7z’ /] [wpfilebase tag=file path=’levels/latest_stable/level_Bax_5_latest_stable.7z’ /]

Zis 5

Author: Igor Viktorov Source: This is a old truck. And its welcome among the recent releases of new and out of this world type of trucks. I can haul fuel, a kitchen and a carriage with repair point. It has all the right animation and suspension. Really good looking … Continue reading

ST14 – IZH Planeta 5

Author: Gisha 7 Source: MP/Achievements: No This is just for fun and to prove a bike can handle itself in the Russian outback. The IZH Planeta 5 with sidecar. Big dude on it with massive tattoos. Which does not help but looks cool. Download and enjoy! Too change the … Continue reading