Kamaz 44108 final version

Author: Dmitry Romanenko, Voodoo Source: vk.com This is massive truck with a massive list of addons. You can make it as crazy as you would like. It can haul container, rescue trailers, triple trailer and more. Good cab cam and a good ride make this a really good mod to use … Continue reading

Kamaz 44108 and 44118

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: vk.com Two for the price of one. The Kamaz 44108 and the 44118. Both equipped with a long list of addons and wheels to choose from. Something for everything you might say. They look good and the overall work is impressive. Animations and suspension are good … Continue reading

ST14 – KAMAZ 44108

Author: Sergey. E Source: vk.com/spin_tires_ru MP/Achievements: No Warning: Might crash your game This is a model of the Kamaz 44108, a 6×6 russian giant. Although the post this is a test truck and that means it is stil being worked on i wil post it here. Why? Because i like it … Continue reading