Kraz 255 Vintage

Author:Nicholas Dumka Really authentic looking 255. Excellent texturing on this which makes up for a lot. It has a great list of addons to add as well as some nice tires choices. Features: -43 its addon+default -8 types of wheels -your cargo -my sound

KrAZ-255 «Crocodile»

Author: no clue Source: Has: -28 + 12 their addons default -3 kinds of wheels -Custom cargo -Custom sound -type of cab -animationconnections, the light installation

Kraz 255 B1

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: The might Kraz 255 B1 arrives to the latest_stable version of the game. Two sets of wheels and the usual default list of addons. Have fun!

Kraz 255 Refurbished

Author:  Alexey Baranov Source: This is fast becoming one of my favourite iterations of the Kraz 255. The truck itself has had a work-over.  The suspension seems a bit firmer, and doesn’t wallow as much.  I was able to tow a huge load of logs accross the plains, which … Continue reading

Kraz 255 Final

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: This is a beauty of a truck. A well made Kraz 255B with a nice list of addons to make it look better or worse. Two tires to choose from and some other addons like a carriage or tractor. The truck texturing and driving are very … Continue reading