Level – Offroad Challenge 2

Author: Smed1981 Basicly this is the Offroad Challenge map Smed did before but because it was altered in so many ways it was decided to push it out as number 2. And if you are looking for a map with a good mix of rocks, mud and water then this … Continue reading

Level – Peatland 2

Author: KoT_OJIeHeBog This is a map which is interesting to explore. Lots of custom objects used which give a real good storyline feel to the map. Like others have been there but have failed to complete the task ahead. Interesting use of terrain layout coupled with the custom objects make this … Continue reading

Level -Heavens Gate 2

Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee Heaven’s Gate II * Map version 2.0 * For SpinTires version 03\03\16 * This map has been created for Solo and Multi-Player use * This is a Logging map * Compressed using “7zip” This Map Includes… * 2x Garages (1 unlocked and 1 locked) * 1x … Continue reading

Level – HAKSTrails2

Author: Tregot Source: Oovee Text from author: Large map of trails only. No objectives, no cloaking. Features miles of twisty tight trails surround by lush forest and some very large trees. Low lying areas have crystal clear water to drive through. Lots of small rocks to boulders to drive over … Continue reading

Level – Proving 2

Author: DerEggen Source: Oovee Text from author: I tried to create a handy map to test new, modded or tweaked vehicles. I wanted to avoid some annoying habits of the “Proving Ground” but add some features I’ve been missing all the time. If you are do some modding or tweaking, … Continue reading

Map – Ural Mountains 2

Author: dober1 (Maxim Serebryakov) Authors textures: dober1 (Maxim Serebryakov), Dmitry Shipitsyn; Dog Balobaka Source: Spintires-mods.com Really gorguoes map. Lots of custom objects added which can occasionally cause the game to freeze. I only drove around for 15 minutes and only explored a small section of this map, much much more terrain … Continue reading

Level – Geocaching II

Author: V12 V12 already made a Geocaching themed map with custom caches instead of the black vortex. And here is the successor to that map. Harder and more difficult then the other map this one will keep you occupied for a few hours or more. Be prepared to try it … Continue reading