Landrover Discovery 1998

Author: Winnie Lovely Disco to drive. It has the right size tires and addons which makes this a versatile truck to drive. [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/Land_Rover_Discovery_1998.7z’ /]

1998 Nissan Patrol GQ

This is the kind of car you want to have with you when visiting a trail somewhere. Or in this case a nice trail map. This is a Nissan Patrol that Hazzard is working on and it is nearing completion. It looks rugged and it can take a punch and … Continue reading

Dodge Durango 1998

Author: BruteTerror Excellent offroader with only wheels to choose from. From offroad to badass offroad this truck will take you almost anywhere. Be warned, it did seem to tip over easy when i drove it but then i do not drive gently 😉 [wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/BT_Dodge_durango_1998.7z’ /]