ZIL 137

Author: Model and textures: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie.Addons: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie, STALKER is unknown. Wheels: Paul Zagrebel’nyi Source: vk.com This is a go-anywhere truck. The ZIL 137 with powered trailer on which you can mount a list of different addons such as logging, utility or fuel. Offcourse a choice in tires and … Continue reading

ZIL-131 + ZIL-137 active trailer

Author:Roman Sonchak Source: vk.com This is a excellent mod. The Zil 131 with default addons which does great in rough terrain. AND the might Zil 137 with active trailers. Meaning it has powered trailer wheels which help you through the thickest mud ST has to offer. It also adds 4 … Continue reading