ZiL-131 (Chernobyl edition)

Author:  Dmitriy Romanenko Model: OOVEE, Maxim Gordeev, Maxim Dmitriev Textures: OOVEE. Dmitriy Romanenko.Maxim Dmitriev Source: vk.com Just what you need when your area is infected. A nice comfy lead clad Zil 131. Enjoy getting nuked in this! screenshots from vk.com

ZIL-131 Diesel version

Author: Model and textures: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, Alex j, ronnie. Addons: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie, RedPow, hz888 Source: vk.com A beauty of a Zil 131. This is the diesel version, which you can hear with your eyes closed. Good animation on this truck and just look at those wheels. Nice list of addons … Continue reading

Yet another rendition of the ZIL-131 (VDM)

Author: Source: vk.com Yet another iteration of the well known Zil 131.  On the whole, not a lot to say that hasn’t been said before.  Pleasant enuff to drive.  Gets around reasonably well. Nice textures.  Standard addons and several sets of tires.  I found driving with the Radio Kit to … Continue reading

ZIL-131 + ZIL-137 active trailer

Author:Roman Sonchak Source: vk.com This is a excellent mod. The Zil 131 with default addons which does great in rough terrain. AND the might Zil 137 with active trailers. Meaning it has powered trailer wheels which help you through the thickest mud ST has to offer. It also adds 4 … Continue reading

ZIL-131 v2

Author: RedPoW models and textures: the game DCS: A-10C, oovee, Alex j. , RUSL @ .N, Max Panow, Yuri Ismailov Source: vk.com  The Zil 131 is a impressive truck and this mod is the same. It has a nice set of addons and wheels. Good looking textures and animations and … Continue reading

ST14 – ZIL-131 and ZIL-4334 Pack

Author: RedPoW Source: Zagruzka-mods Two for the price of one. The ZIL-131 and the ZIL-4334. Two iconic Russian trucks with a choice in tires and addons. Just don’t load the zil 4334 with its own addons at the lumberyard as it wil spin like a tornada, when you also got … Continue reading

ST14 – Zil 131

Author, setting xml: Dmitry Romanenko. Envelope: Roman Tkachuk and Inusya one. Source: modfiles.ru ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by kaku ** And this truck is in my top 5 list. The Zil 131 6×6. Comes with its own spare wheel, open and closed carriage. Can … Continue reading