T816 HETT 8X8 and 10X10

Author: Garminbreak
Source: Steam

Now this is something i was looking forward. A answer to the American HETT. This is the T816 8×8 heavy equipment transport truck. With some good addons like a evacuation trailer, a xxl log trailer plus some smaller addons. Two choices in wheels. Excellent mod to have in your garage.

The package also contains a 10X10 version which looks awesome but does contain addon combination errors.

T816 8X8 HETT LIWA 10X10
T816 8X8 HETT LIWA 10X10
T816 8X8 HETT LIWA 10X10.7z
17.9 MiB
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6 Responses to T816 HETT 8X8 and 10X10

  1. John says:

    When workshop?

    • Spintires.nl says:

      Look at the top of the post. I always post what my Source was. In this case it came from the Steam workshop and the link is provided should you want to subscribe to that mod. Have fun!

  2. V12 says:

    Mod has been updated – truck LIWA 10×10 has been added with some addons. Reupload Your package, please.


  3. V12 says:

    Addons combination error fixed.

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