ST14 – ZIL 165

Author: Ronnie
MP/Achievements: No

The Zil 165 is the 6×6 brother of the default zil. And by brother i mean BIGGER brother. It has a choice in tires and addons. Can do medium logs but sadly no long logs in the provided trailer. A good mod to drive and have fun with!

screenshot.4016 screenshot.3874_LAP-1938_okt-20-131208-2014_Conflict screenshot.3874_LAP-1938_okt-20-131338-2014_Conflict screenshot.3874_LAP-1938_okt-20-131623-2014_Conflict screenshot.3875_LAP-1938_okt-20-131446-2014_Conflict screenshot.3875_LAP-1938_okt-20-131624-2014_Conflict screenshot.3999_LAP-1938_okt-20-134725-2014_Conflict


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7 Responses to ST14 – ZIL 165

  1. Jerod says:

    What truck does this replace

  2. Jerod says:

    Oh yea I have the SID BRONCO CONSEPT TRUCK so does it replace the ZIL or the UAZ????

  3. Jerod says:

    How do I make the normal ZIL a 4×4?

  4. Jerod says:

    Never mind,… I found out how

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