ST14 – ZIL 157

Author: DEMON74

It’s old. It’s rusty. It goes anywhere you want it too! The proven ZIL 157. And this is a sweet mod. It has its own wheels and you get three more choices for wheels. It has its own fuel cistern addon but can also carry other trailers. Lots of fun to drive around the maps.

No MP or achievements.

Truck updated to the latest xml and filename standards.

screenshot.3541 screenshot.3533 screenshot.3534 screenshot.3535 screenshot.3536 screenshot.3537 screenshot.3538 screenshot.3539 screenshot.3540

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3 Responses to ST14 – ZIL 157

  1. ahmad says:

    Please send to me real pic of this zil 157

  2. ahmad says:

    I want the pic of the mods

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