ST14 – Winter Season

Tweaker: Alexsander Sadovksiy
MP/Achievements: Should stil work

Just in time for the winter comes this tweak from Alexsander which turns Spin Tires into Winter Wonderland. Download the zip. Extract it and copy the Media and file into the Spintires folder overwriting what needs to be overwritten.

This is a beta version but it is enjoyable at this stage. Further improvements wil be made by Alexsander in due time.

screenshot.42 screenshot.43 screenshot.44 screenshot.45 screenshot.46 screenshot.47 screenshot.48 screenshot.51 screenshot.52 screenshot.53 screenshot.54 screenshot.56


Version 1.1 is now available. Updated graphics.

263280_2014-12-27_00001 263280_2014-12-27_00002 263280_2014-12-27_00003 263280_2014-12-27_00004

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39 Responses to ST14 – Winter Season

  1. coolioluke9 says:

    Why is this file so big compaired to other sites? i trust yours the most to run well but still its weird

    • says:

      Probably because i downloaded it, unzipped, and repackaged it with 7zip on a windows machine. That can lead to a bigger zip size. File is ok though, i double check for viruses etc before i post it on my site.

  2. BahamutX says:

    i get snow only on some trees and snow only on the muddy ground area but still looks like dirts and idea?

  3. BahamutX says:

    yes I did I even installed the whole game just to see if it will help but still the same.

  4. maveric says:

    it is not working

  5. Steve says:

    I installed this mod and I didnt backup my files but I thought if on steam I deleted the local content it would get rid of it but it didnt and i have the sounds and stuff and its annoying and when I hit mud white drops fly then turns brown any idea to help me get rid of it?

    • says:

      Delete local content en clear the cache folder (go to %appdata% and then delete the SpinTires folder). Then reinstall using the Steam client.

  6. Carlos Rubén Pascual says:

    HOLA… solo funciona con S.T. 14..?? porque dice ST14…!!
    Tengo ST13, craqueado, no original…
    No me va a andar..??

    Y donde se pone, en que carpeta, el archivo “media.xml”??!


    No compre el juego, porque acá en Argentina, es muy caro..!!!!
    Lo descargue de internet, y le puse un parche para que funcione..!!

  7. Carlos Rubén Pascual says:

    HELLO … who published the video for “Winter Times”. You could give me, lend, or give me the original software Spin Tires 2014 ..?
    From Argentina, the value of the dollar and the Euro, it is very expensive to buy .. !!
    Since “WE ARE ALL IN THE COMMUNITY AND FAMILY TIRES SPIN” … guess I should not be allowed displeasure that one more person has the free SP14 .. !!
    Thank you very much .. !!! who can give me the program, original software SP14 .. !!!

    • says:

      There is no such thing as a free copy of Spin Tires. The Winter Season is a tweak of the original files to make it look like winter time. You would stil have to buy the original game through Steam.

  8. Griffin says:

    I love the mod, used for a while now and want to go back to the original textures but i don’t know how to do that… Think u can help me?

  9. BARLEY says:

    I just tried the download link for the winter mod and it does not work. Is it because it doesnt work now with the current SpinTires standard version or are you editing it? In the past I used the first snow mod and enjoyed it and now since we are more into winter I was going to try out the winter mod. If someone could let me know that would be great. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. coyote says:

    I believe the download link is broken

  11. Andy says:

    every time i try this mod it just crashes the game, it loads up the menu with the winter background but if i try load a map it just crashes, ive cleared the cache folder does it matter which version of spintires you run it on?

  12. will says:

    Can you fix this for the latest version of the game mabey?

  13. NinjaAvenue says:

    The first snow mod apparantly lags alot causing two crash reports to be generated. So I’ve decided to try the Winter Season mod. Hope this works! 🙂

  14. NinjaAvenue says:

    The first snow mod apparantly lags alot causing two crash reports to be generated. So I’ve decided to try the Winter Season mod. Btw, is there a place to share our experiences at?

  15. will says:

    winter seasons still doesn’t work, sorry 🙁

  16. Sam says:

    It plays the opening video, but never shows the menu, just a very faint spintires logo

    • says:

      Yeah i think this mod might need a complete redo 😉

      • Sam says:

        Do you mind If I do it, I did it to one dirt texture and had great sucess. I would just use the existing winter textures, just convert it into the way the game needs to read it. Who should I contact about getting permission to convert it then upload it?

  17. Broken says:

    it does not work!!
    I cleared cache, Deleted content and download last versión from Winter season.
    Always ends with… Oops! Spintires crashedit does not work!!

  18. RageCooper says:

    Mod doesn’t work and I guess it’s because of updates.
    Do you have any plans on a new/fixing this one?

  19. Robert says:

    Where can i download it at?

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