ST14 – VAZ 1111

Author: Max Dmitriev
Source: Oovee
MP/Achievements: NO

You want a little car to drive around the map? Need something to squeeze through those tight trees? This is it. The Vaz 1111. Which can go from pretty plain to downright mini-monster with some addons and bigger wheels.

screenshot.3947_LAP-1938_sep-01-091628-2014_Conflict screenshot.3947_LAP-1938_sep-01-091723-2014_Conflict screenshot.3947_LAP-1938_sep-01-091931-2014_Conflict screenshot.3947_LAP-1938_sep-01-092326-2014_Conflict screenshot.3947_LAP-1938_sep-01-092402-2014_Conflict

Spintires 08 11 15 Mod Vaz 1111 Oka
Spintires 08 11 15 Mod Vaz 1111 Oka
33.4 MiB


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