ST14 – Ural Explorer / 6614 UralKraz

Author: Vadim Chugaynov

Two for the price of one. A giant Ural Explorer on big tires and the result of a love thing between a ural and a kraz ;). Two amazing vehicles with a lot of potential to go and haul wood through rough forests.

** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku **


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9 Responses to ST14 – Ural Explorer / 6614 UralKraz

  1. GUILE says:

    i download this and the windows are black and the shadow is black and fuzzy and the spare tire is black too but the truck looks awesome could any body help please.

  2. GUILE says:

    sorry for being a pain but i just start playing spin tires i love it but i dont know how to do this if you every make a video of this it would help alot if i see it i can do it frist. i dont know were to go to do it i am lost sorry again great sit thanks

  3. GUILE says:

    sorry i am new i don’t know how to do this

  4. Kaku says:

    February 16, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Test ok.

  5. cph30075 says:

    Hi all, how can I replace the A-469 in this mod with the Unimog SWB? When I try to, Spintires Legacy crashes. btw, my fav. mod.

  6. Dobra says:

    Can you pls. add info about which truck will this mod change.
    Like “It changes UAZ, ZIL, URAL, etc.”
    And pls. take this as a suggesion, not an issue.
    I download it by thinking this changes actual URAL but I found that it changes another truck.

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