ST14 – Upgrading exisiting full game mods

Spin Tires has been available on Steam for a while now and has seen some changes along the way in how filenames should be done etc. To run a mod without glitches in the latest available Spin Tires version check the following list:

Open all xml files that come with a mod. All of them, so that means in the classes\trucks, mesh folders etc etc. Open them all and change the following:

Transparent=”True” becomes Blending=”alpha”


Change Glossiness into Type


Non-default loading items changes. This has to do with log models that are custom made for a mod. Change the following in the xml files.

Old: <ModelBrand Dynamic=”true”
New: <ModelBrand DynamicModel=”true”

Old: <GameData LoadAddon=
New: <GameData LoadAddons=

To do this more efficiently open all the xml files in all the folders of a mod in Notepad++. When they are all opened go in the menu of Notepad++ and choose Search – Replace.
You can now set that you want to replace Glossiness with Type (as an example). And the choose to Replace All in All Opened Documents. Notepad++ now goes through all the opened xml files and performs a replacement action.

Then go through all the xml files and add a “_” between all “da” so it becomes “d_a
For example this is the part in a truck xml files from classes\trucks


And then change all texture file so. So a file name become glass__d_a.dss.
Keep in mind it does not have to be a dds file, it can also be jpg or a other graphic file.

This was just a quick write up to get you guys going. Hope it helps.

Original source here:

-textures renamed. postfix “_da” truned into “_d_a”, “_s” -> “_s_d”, “_illum” -> “_d”, “_n” -> “_n_d”.
Postfixes defines how source textures would be converted into game textures.
“_d” = generate mipmaps
“_a” = keep alpha channel
“_s” = use single-channel texture (specular map)
“_n” = normal map (right now doesnt really affect anything, but should use special compression in future)
“_uncmp” = dont compress texture
“_vol” = turn into volume texture
“_cube” = turn into cube texture

-material files changed
“Additive” -> “Blending=”additive””
“IsTransparent” -> “Blending=”default””
“Glossiness” -> “Type”
“IsSfx” -> “Type=”sfx””

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38 Responses to ST14 – Upgrading exisiting full game mods

  1. Bombine33 says:

    Is it neccasery to change the file name and the other stuff in order to use old full game mods (if it is i have to update some stuff)

  2. david says:

    ok so i cant seem to be able to get the tatra 813v to work quite right any ideas

    • says:

      Seems to me, judging by the screenshot, that you forgot to edit the truck xml (the black square underneath the truck) and you forgot to rename the glass files from da to d_a (including checking the meshes xml files for those texture file names).

      I’ll try and make a better how-to soon.

  3. mitkok12 says:

    um… i have problems with the tatra 813 kolos … it disappeared I used the maz but it just vanished

  4. KONANUKE says:

    When i use mods a shadow appears under the car, does this mod fix it? Also i downloaded the Series 3 Landrover and it wont let me use it, i put it in the unzipped folder, but i cant use it. Any reason why?

  5. TAO says:

    This method work! Many thanks. it surely take time. But worth it! my suggestion anyone did fix the issue and send the mod to you to check before post on site as update. it will save your time to do alll. Thanks again

  6. mustangbolt says:

    On mods that have Transparent=”false”, we should change for what?
    It’s the same process that the Transparent=”True”, we change for Blending=”default”?

    • says:

      Good point. I do not know honestly. One way to find out is to just do it and see what it does. Let me know!

    • MADPOWER says:

      judging by the logic maybe is “alpha”
      not sure though,in other spots is “alpha”, maybe worth try;)

    • MADPOWER says:

      Yes matte is “alpha”
      i just tryed it on Land rover and worked finally…i had everything thing changed still windows were black…thanklly i decide to help you and also try it out…that was the peace missing, soon as i changed default by alpha, windows got normal:)))
      It was hard to find because i never did this process, plus was already half done wich is worse.In this case i saw defaulte, and fought this is updated, but no! I guess who did it was in dought like we and decided to put default…wrongly…i was almost giving up and this mod have so many xml…i did pass them one by one, was driving me crazy
      Hein how can i upload my contribuicion to such popular mod?
      Is that it is so many xml…any idea?
      Man i`m happy!:)))
      From now one i feel capacitated to help out

  7. MADPOWER says:

    hi there!:)
    trying to understand this process…in meshes files(i`m trying to fix tatra`s addons) i have;…etc.what i didn`t get was,for all that end like this we should put _n_d in all, no metter if it is a “_d” or an “_n”?
    so instead one d and n we get 2 _n_d,is that it?
    pfffff:|i`m trying:)

  8. Rik says:

    heej ik heb een vraag je als ik een truck download of een andere auto.. zet ik hem precies zo in de map als op het filmpje maar als ik het spel opstart staat hij er niet in en dit heb ik al vaak geprobeerd en vaak op youtube naar gekeken maar het lukt niet ik heb hem via steam gekocht plz help !

    • says:

      Ik denk dat je dit bij een verkeerde post hebt geplaatst. Maakt niet uit. Als je een mod download kijk dan in classes\trucks hoe de mod is genoemd. Bijvoorbeeld uaz.xml. Kijk dan met welke mod een map start. Is dat bijvoorbeeld de zil (blauwe truck) noem dan je mod xml ook zil.xml dan neemt die de plek in van de default zil en is je mod in het spel.

  9. Sambkf says:

    Hi Guys,

    Use SUBLIME TEXT 2 to do the Find & Replace job.

    1. Open the folder of a mod from menue “File”.
    2. Right click on the arborescence and do “Find in folder”
    3. Type the desired string and click replace
    4. File->Save All

    and play = )

  10. Mudman91 says:

    I have downloaded a mod and it turned off multiplayer. I have tride to reinstall it and it still says the same thing

    HELP ME !

  11. Delutto says:

    This method works to update 4.2.15?

  12. Delutto says:

    Good News!
    Level Converter – v0.19

  13. bryso says:

    hey mate just curious willl this allow me to change out differnt tires like say from one jeep file to a differnt jeep file

    • says:

      This post has nothing to do with that sorry. This is just about upgrading xml and filenames to work with the newest version of the game.

      • bryso says:

        keep the st14 jeep cherokee xj goin please! it still works … is there a way i can add a different set of tires to it?

  14. MADPOWER says:

    when we have “_n” or “_d” always became “_n_d”?
    I just downloaded land rover camel trophy…it seems some are done.
    On dds files already have “d_a” but in jpg files is not…should we change those as well,from normal map and specular map?

  15. MADPOWER says:

    Just finished changing all in Land rover from pixelherder and zidon…but windows remain black:)))
    any ideas?
    only the drums and trailer logs i left 2 with same, because they conflit

    being one “_d” and other one “_n” , so is impossible to keep them bouth with “_n_d”…but apart from that i did change it all:|||
    Any tips i would apreciated …i would like to participate as well on this improvments
    thank you

  16. MADPOWER says:

    Finished uploading fixed Land rover and addons to my onedrive
    i toke liberty of giving it version number 2.4 to not be messy
    here is link
    Have fun and Happy trucking!

  17. MADPOWER says:

    Please delete the previouse wrong link i sent, or i`m afraid people will send massages for me…:|
    Man, i don`t exist…honestlly :)))
    Please do me that favor my friend…

  18. andrew tollison says:

    for some reason I cannot use any of the vehicles I’ve downloaded on the Umpqua map. I have tried the st14 Landrover sIII and the F350 but they work on different maps not Umpqua map though

    • says:

      Then why are you posting your question here and not at the Umpqua post? Anyway. Should work. It does for me. Try clearing your cache.

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