ST14 – Uaz Hunter Expedition

Author: Stanislav Chepurnov
MP / Achievements: No

This is a Uaz Hunter.. in expedition form. A choice in different tires, addons and a great texture job come with this package. Fun exploring car to do some decloaking with.

screenshot.3915 screenshot.3916 screenshot.3917 screenshot.3918

* 10-11-15.
– Converted to also work in latest_stable.
– Added camera settings and driver.

Uaz Hunter Latest Stable
Uaz Hunter Latest Stable
9.4 MiB


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12 Responses to ST14 – Uaz Hunter Expedition

  1. naner says:

    help me i have texture bug skype naner.thebest

  2. naner says:

    i have texture problem its whrite pls help

  3. madvent says:

    Thank you for the mod. I have same bug that the others. The UAZ load in White. Even after clearcache used.

  4. madvent says:

    Ok i’m a morron, after little modifies in the xml it’s ok.

  5. Dan says:

    How do you fix the textures on this uaz really wana test this beast out but it loads up white. :S

  6. Zuriel says:

    seems broken and yes texture cache deleted wheels out of place too and mesh for body isnt loading

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