ST14 – UAZ 452DG 6×6

Model, texture Uaz: ronnie, Avalon Style Entertainmen, Shippy74, Treckerjack.
Model, textures tank: STALKER
Model textures wheels: ronnie, unknown
MP/Achievements: No

This Uaz 452DG looks good, drives good and has good animation and good-looking texturing. It is not good at hauling wood. When you load the logs onto a carriage it either flips the car or starts to shake the truck around until it breaks. But still a challenge to drive the truck with a trailer.

screenshot.4129 screenshot.4130 screenshot.4131 screenshot.4132 screenshot.4133 screenshot.4134


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2 Responses to ST14 – UAZ 452DG 6×6

  1. CTJacob says:

    Is there a difference between this and the UAZ 3909?

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