ST14 – UAZ 3909 6×6

Author: Max Dmitriev
MP/Achievements: No

The uaz 3909 is a good car but this is even better. Its the 6×6 variant with some wheels to choose from and even its own custom log set to load and deliver. Very nice job on this mod.

screenshot.4126ย screenshot.4125 screenshot.4124 screenshot.4123 screenshot.4122 screenshot.4121

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5 Responses to ST14 – UAZ 3909 6×6

  1. mickey martin says:

    hey so the tires on this mod are quite sketchy they stop and spin really fast and stop again, causes mod in places ive been at that have no mud. looks really wierd to

  2. obinobi says:

    I think there should be better sound and better a dirtier skin. This looks to new to be driving in the terrain. Thats my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

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