ST14 – The Umpqua Map

Author: Honda Tadakatsu
Source: Steam

Latest stable by: King Unique

Well this is a BIG map. With a nasty start to say the least. You start with the truck dumped in the river, then switch to the truck on the land and use that one to winch the drowned truck out. After that you are faced with a valley riddled with tree stumps and high mountains. Fun for the whole family 😉

Map overview (text author Honda):

– FULL SIZE 32×32 map (or “normal” size)
– Doesn’t look like a drunk man or toddler designed it
– WORKS IN MULTIPLAYER MODE (recommended, 3 objectives!!)
– All original design, no uses of “ref” files – this means no copy/paste method of map data
– Dangerous (high risk of damage) true off roading for decloaking (uaz needed for most)
– 1 Garage, locked, center of map, north of river on hill (note: UAZ does not start at garage!)
– 3 objectives (1 with short loads in mind through hills, 1 (longest) that has many route options and 1 (close to lumber) that is a gnarly hill climb for fun bonus
– 2 fuel stations at seperate corners of map (fuel runs will be needed)
– Single lane rough/rocky roads with light mud value in hills
– Flooded marshy areas along wide roads, perfect for MAZ long loads
– River is mostly (((impassible))) (but 3 non-bridge crossings, 1 will generate damage and stalling)
– Largest bridge in spintires (makes “the pit” maps bridge look like a tinker toy)
– very little “open” terrain, forced routes but multiple choices, dangerous shorter routes!
– logs for crane loading (if you hate yourself that much)
– Super secret cabin in woods for moonshine and meth Russian fun times (hehe jk)

Start Trucks:
– UAZ w/trunk
– KRAZ w/short load loaded (needs to be rescued/signifies dangerous river crossing!)

Unlockable Trucks:
– ZIL w/utility trailer
– KAMAZ w/garage carriage & off road tires
– URAL w/garage carriage & phatty tires
– MAZ 535 w/utility
– MAZ 7310 w/repair

Level The Umpqua Latest Stable
Level The Umpqua Latest Stable
level_The Umpqua_latest_stable.7z
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25 Responses to ST14 – The Umpqua Map

  1. Joseph says:

    This is the worst map to uncloak ever. The cloaks are in unrealistic places. map would be great if it wasnt for that stupid crap

  2. scott says:

    This is one tough map! Not recommened for noobs.. lol

    One thing….Where can i get that 6 wheel tractor shown in the screenshots?? That would be alot better than the Uaz at the start of this map trying to pull the Kraz out of the river.

    • says:

      The muke, as i call it, is a work in progress mod. Not ready to go public yet. Not made by me but i did get to test drive the beast.

  3. scott says:

    Agreed the cloaks could be in better locations.

  4. Sorcerer says:

    Of the 3 cloaks I have found there is only 1 I was able to uncloak, near the telephone poles where you get the Ural. I think the creator was a bit too ambitious in my abilities 😛
    Also that gigantic bridge, while awesome, would really benefit from a dedicated mesh instead of having those wooden ones stacked.
    I think this is my favourite map yet, just seems the most real.

    • Sorcerer says:

      So after playing the map a bit more, the creator wasn’t too ambitious, he was just a troll! Without fail after winching my Ural through dense forest, dragging down trees in my wake, I find an old road leading right to it every time.
      Another note- I really like how you can follow the telephone poles as a shortcut with a small enough vehicle (UAZ)

  5. Killer666 says:

    The best SpinTires map I have played so far. A lot more challenging than default maps. Must-play for every ST fan with 200+ hours.

  6. scott says:

    Cant wait till that “Muke” goes public….. ill be keeping an eye out for it.
    After update today, this map doesnt load. Is it possible to update for current version of ST? Otherwise i can just use a backup of ST i made a few days ago.

  7. Hephaistos says:

    Achievements works anyway with this mod/map?
    Thank you,

  8. Honda Tadakatsu says:

    Hi guys, Honda here. Thanks for trying out my first map. This map is indeed for Spintires veterans who get bored with the same old maps and not noob friendly…

    With all those cloaks just be very slow and careful. I ride the breaks as to not get impact damage. Also they require master wench-ery at times and fast reactions.

    And yes technically the powerline/offroad route runs from the Garage all the way to objective. It is the “shortest” route with a shortload, from lumber – to garage – to NW objective, but a tight squeeze!

    Here is a map showing trails and river crossings, so Spoiler Alert:

  9. Honda Tadakatsu says:

    We can still play user created maps you just have to do the following:

    Go to steam library/games, right click on spintires, click properties, go to BETAS tab, select Beta legacy build. You will be prompted to download the game again.

    (Change it back to none if you would like to play the most recent oovee version.)

  10. Juan says:

    Thank you for your great website
    my questions is about the maps , I have the ST14 and only 2 maps work in my game , maybe the steam versión is the reason I wish buy the last versión of the ST14 to run the last maps and where is the best place to buy it. I am good for chance the mods speed, torque, wheels , suspensión in fact I changed the laz bus into a great 4×4 offroad vehicle but I am a nut for the maps and other things.
    Thanks al lot

    • says:

      The most recent maps were made using a leaded map tool. Use the legacy version to run those. Through steam – library – game properties – beta tab

  11. aaron says:

    when i installed it it had no textures showing

  12. Chris says:

    Hi, I can’t start this Map. It shows up the message: “Can’t load level [ – file either broken/ missing or old version”

    I installed it like written in the read me. I don’t know what to do.

  13. MADPOWER says:

    Man, is amazing how people can find so many diferent things…for me this was one of the best maps even get clean areas direct to the cloack…and isn`t it more rewardelly fun, when is warder?i don`t see that,careless chalenges in map.all textures(most at least that i`seen) are fine!and is big and well design…and free!:)how good is a map that you uncloack after 15m or on opposite drive 15m just to go from point a to b.I honestelly don`t see that…there is always some place to winch;)I loved the bridge…well i guess i can not enjoy all the same, good thing we starting to have variety!;)
    thanks Honda
    …and Hein for posting them

  14. MADPOWER says:

    @aaron…forgive me for intruding in converstion, but textures, if you do not have in your media folder already.Pass the all textures folder of mod into your unpacked media folder.Do not put textures in textures cache zip with winrar or something.It should go into media as well,even if you don`t have a maching one…create yourself.I had this same issue,this could be it.
    drive safe;)!

  15. B9er says:

    On the Umpqua map – none of the bridges have appeared. Also all the building e.g. fuel, garage etc have not appeared. I’m using the Legacy version.

    Any ideas please.

    BTW – excellent map, many thanks for the challenge

  16. Oliv3r says:

    Does not work with Multiplayer as described. “Game files differ from original package, Multi Player mode disabled”

  17. MahBoiPitz says:

    Hello, The vehicles that were in the description how get those? I found that the download file only has the map, and the description for this map states that it has modded vehicles.

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