ST4 – The 101 Map

Author: unknown

This is  oddly shaped map as it is rectangular in shape. Not the best map out there but certainly worth driving on.

This map was made with the leaked map tools. The game was updated to counteract those maps. But you can still use it when you install the legacy version. Steam-Library-Games and then game properties, beta tab.


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8 Responses to ST4 – The 101 Map

  1. Honda Tadakatsu says:

    While this map has no garage ability (garage is locked & no garage points on trucks) it is still a fun little map and any new road is a good road! The road to the MAZ is pretty gnarly, though I managed with a load of logs 🙂

  2. rekt says:

    map doesn’t work, looks to be not updated….

  3. crash says:

    The 101 Map garage unlock with kraz carriage

  4. Dinka91 says:

    map is outdated not working :\

  5. jason says:

    how do get the legacy version?

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