ST14 – Smoking tires

Tweaker: PressureLine
Source: Oovee Forum

A user on the Oovee forum asked if it were possible to have the tires smoke more, like they do in a burnout. PressureLine found out how by editing the lua files for the trucks.

These are the steps to take in order to tweak the tire smoke:
– Go into the Media folder and create a new one names scripts
– Open the file and go to the scripts folder. Copy the truck.lua file
– Go to the Media folder. And then the scripts folder. Paste the truck.lua file there.
– Now open the truck.lua file.

chance line 614 of truck.lua from:
wheel.contactFriction * velSpin / 12 * 0.01, 2)
wheel.contactFriction * velSpin / 12 * 0.1, 2)

And change line 623 into:
local numParticles = GetNumEmitParticles(0.02, steamAmount, elapsedTime)


Doing it like this results in the tires giving off some nice smoke.
263280_2014-11-21_00010 263280_2014-11-21_00013

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5 Responses to ST14 – Smoking tires

  1. Arjen de Graaff says:

    Where can i find the military truck

  2. Arjen de Graaff says:

    Ow thats a shame but thnx btw

  3. LAVAcreator17 says:

    what program do i use to be able to open the LUA file?

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