ST14 – SID Rock Crawler

Author: SID
Source: Oovee
MP/Achievement: No

Load up the Offroad Park mark and this mod and have fun! SID made a excellent tube frame rock crawler. Looks the part and does what it does best, crawl rocks!

If you like my mods, consider a donation. Thanks SID.


ST14 - SID Rock Crawler
ST14 - SID Rock Crawler
ST14 - SID Rock
8.4 MiB
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14 Responses to ST14 – SID Rock Crawler

  1. Kevin says:

    I don’t see this in the offroad park map when I install it.

  2. bryson says:

    How do you find this in the game, like what map???

  3. wayne says:

    i tried this crawler on the offroad map and it sucks unless you keep it in auto or high. this thing got stuck in some mud and the jeep wrangler crawled right over the top of it.

    • says:

      It is a “crawler” which yes means it is more at home on the rocks instead of in the mud 🙂

      • ThunderTiger265 says:

        How do u download car mods? if it is too difficult to explain, any good videos to watch to see how?

        • says:

          In a nuttshell:
          You download.
          Unpack the archive.
          Dump the contents into the Media folder.
          That usually does the trick.

          • ThunderTiger265 says:

            it doesn’t let me drag or copy and paste it into the media folder

          • ThunderTiger265 says:

            and you don’t need to unpack it as the file is already unpacked when u download it.

  4. Chris says:

    Where’d the download link go?

  5. ThunderTiger265 says:

    where is the download thing all i see are pictures

  6. daniel haskins says:

    could you upload this to the workshop?

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