ST14 – Russian Road Map

Author: Evil

This is another big map. Called the Russian Road is it is muddy and a challenge to get from a to b. Nice dense forest and it just has that authentic backwater feel to it. I took the upgraded MTVR 8×8 out for a spin on this map and it was a blast!

Level Russian Road V1 Latest Stable
Level Russian Road V1 Latest Stable
level_Russian Road v1_latest_stable.7z
32.0 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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7 Responses to ST14 – Russian Road Map

  1. BahamutX says:

    link for the truck please?

  2. Big_Adam says:

    Bloody bonza map. You going to update it for the new update?

    Also, the end of the bridge by the objective, you can’t really drive up it. Need a tweak or something.

  3. SleepingDragon says:

    Great map, liked it very much different approach with separate road system, logical lumber placement.

  4. Honda Tadakatsu says:

    imo so far this is the best user map (not counting mine of course…). It should be called “+1 training ground” because I have never used +1 on a map so much nor have I seen so much mud flying around!

  5. CannasaurusX says:

    Just finished this map in 2h20m, 6/6 vehicles, 7/7 cloaks, 2/2 garages, 13 rescues, most of them because I’m lazy and went to the nearest garage.

    Anyway this is a challenging and well made map with a brilliant well thought out road layout. I think this is my favourite map mod so far!

    Awesome work!

  6. Ken Levesque says:

    hi, i already use the combine tool for spintires, but my map dont work with the 2014 spintires version, could you help me? just tell what tool i need to get pls.


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