ST14 – Privolzhe Map

Author: Rustam Sharafutdinov

Another new map for the game is this Privolzhe map. Not sure what that means but it does mean a lot of fun and challenges. The scenery is well put together and you will have fun exploring the woods.

Screenshots from and not made by me.


Level New Krart (Privolzhe) Latest Stable
Level New Krart (Privolzhe) Latest Stable
level_New Krart (Privolzhe)_latest_stable.7z
16.9 MiB
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12 Responses to ST14 – Privolzhe Map

  1. scott says:

    Good map… BUT all the garages are locked and there are no attachments on the trucks and no way to load or deliver wood.

  2. albi says:

    he don’t work

  3. PressureLine says:

    Privolzhe == приволжье == Volga. A river in russia that gives it’s name to the surrounding area.

  4. OzzY says:

    if i have a cracked version of Spin Tires , does the map work ?? or the map work just if i have the spin tires from STEAM ??? thx

  5. Sledge says:

    As already mentioneed – a nice map, definitely fun – but no garages to enable a change of equipment on my trucks…
    Now if there was an unlocked garage….

  6. Knottravesty says:

    Again, I actually enjoyed the map… but same complaint as above… I drove around, hoping to find misc garage carts… no luck… Wish I would have read the reviews first, but I usually try not to…

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