ST14 – Mysterious Road v2

Author: Igor Viktorov

This is a nice big map with a lot of new object on it like houses, sheds, abandoned trucks, skyscrapers,water towers, bridges etc etc. You even get some trucks with this package like the Landcruiser. Which explains why this map package is quite large. Still worth downloading because it has all the ingredients for a few hours of fun.

This map was made with the leaked map tools. The game was updated to counteract those maps. But you can still use it when you install the legacy version. Steam-Library-Games and then game properties, beta tab.


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23 Responses to ST14 – Mysterious Road v2

  1. BahamutX says:

    is this for the 10/1/2015 vesion?

  2. MuddyWaters says:

    Does the need to stay zipped?

  3. Michu says:

    the cars from pictures are work on legacy version?

    • says:

      yes. Car mods work on all versions of st. It is just the maps made with the leaked map tool that need the legacy version.

  4. Ice says:

    Note: All garages are locked and impossible to unlock …

  5. jp04171 says:

    how do I edit the kamaz carriage to a garage cariageso I can unlock the garage on the mysterious roads map

  6. billbertking1 says:

    Awesome map! I’m probably the only one who found this map relatively easy to uncloak, just takes a few hours.

  7. paul says:

    Has anyone figures out a way to unlock the garage? Why would they be locked with no way to unlock them?

  8. crash says:

    Mysterious Road v2 garage unlock with zil carriage

  9. chris says:

    does anyone else have the error level can not be found with some russian or german numerals and then it says file may be broken or old

  10. marten says:

    where do i copy the files? media? pls someone help

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