ST14 – Mercedes Benz 65G 6×6

Author: Bregel
Source: unknown

Bregel is the original author and i do not know if this was converted to the full game with this permission. But it is a good mod so here ya go!. A 6×6 Merc with city and off-road tires, a roof rack and 6 exhaust pipes. Download it and rip up some terrain!

The only thing i added was the exhaust as it was not added to the xml for some reason.

Bregel Mercedes G65 6x6
Bregel Mercedes G65 6x6
9.5 MiB
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  1. It looks good but 6×6 isn’t really my thing, any idea if we will get the 4×4 Mercedes 65G release back? Just like with the 6×6 & 4×4 Hummer H2?


  2. its a great looking truck my only problem with it is that it is under powered and that kind of makes the truck useless I’m not hating its just a suggestion and if that gets fixed it will be perfect πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  3. Hi Hein. I did converter the original Mercedes 6×6 wheels to full game (a lot more work than i thought, completly different file-structure) and i practicaly Made a new XML. I could send it to you via email or Dropbox, so you can have a look.

  4. HELP I am trying to install this mod but it never shows up. I am using JSGME wich works fine with my other mods but this particular mod doesn’t. I tried removing all my mods and only install this one but it doesn’t do anything. HELP

    • Check the file structure of the mod. Make sure its “Modname”/Media/Classes ect. Some mods don’t have the Media folder it just goes straight to the classes ect, so check that and add Media if necessary.

      Also make sure the trucks xml is correct. I’ve played mods before expecting my uaz to be an awsome truck and the mod changed the kamaz instead. In that case go to Classes/Trucks and rename your xml file to the vehicle of your choice. All lower case letters though. Hope that works!

  5. ok, so i know how to find out which vehicle it takes over but how would i change which one it takes over? is it as simple as changing the file name or going in depth and changing stuff? wondering because i have the brute f250 and it already takes over the uaz and i want to have both in the same game. please help.

    • Check out which other default truck is in a level.. for example the zil. Change the other mod to zil.xml and you will have both trucks in the level.

      • I finally figured out how to do it. thanks though!! i guess it took a little bit of fiddling around.