ST14 – MAZ 7410 16X16

MP/Achievements: No

This is the Maz 7410 16×16 heavy transporter. Usually it does rockets but here in ST it does log transport, repair tent or MAZ 7410 crane. It has 16×16 traction so it can go almost everywhere, not good in tight corners or dense forest. A lot of fun to drive!

Now also available for latest_stable:

Maz-7410 16x16
Maz-7410 16x16
6.9 MiB

screenshot.4034 screenshot.4035 screenshot.4036 screenshot.4037 screenshot.4039

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6 Responses to ST14 – MAZ 7410 16X16

  1. MAZ Driver says:

    In my game the tires of this truck are just black and you can not see through the windows. The tent-add on is missing too.

  2. Puddingdwarf says:

    everything works apart from the sounds, I’ve put the sound files in every possible location but none worked and its not the sound files because when i played them they worked fine.

  3. acc689 says:

    it’s amazing truck this one! but i can’t load lumber because there’s no add-on to install, no log cart, no crane trailer, what should i do? another thing is how can i drive this truck in all maps? seems it only can be used in volcano map. thanks for replying.

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