ST14 – Maz 515 6×6

Author: Max Dmitriev

A 6×6 truck with amazing pulling power. It can do rocky roads with a lumber trailer without breaking a sweat. Really cool looking mod with lots of attention to detail. It does seem to have a problem with its own logging trailer but the default long log trailer works just as well.

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2 Responses to ST14 – Maz 515 6×6

  1. jetfox says:

    you can’t judge a book by it’s cover fits this truck to a T, with highway tires and looking mostly weak at first look, this truck has amazed me time a time again. it is my usual zil truck and out of 10+ trucks i have used for the zil none of them compare.

    it does things many other trucks i have use can’t without a load, this one can with a load, it can trudge through deep mud, water, and has very nice stability, amazing truck that i won’t get rid of any time soon.

    the dev did an awesome job on this truck, my only issue is the fuel amount, i could edit it but why fix what isn’t broken.

  2. Zothem says:

    You can’t load logs onto the big trailer which i discovered IN game which I HATE!. Tried manually loading to no avail. Big spoiler. For the rest it is ok.

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