Author: Arraial
Source: Oovee

Arraial is amazing us all again with this. The Man Titan Crane. A 4×4 crane, with front and rear wheel steer, doors and windows that can open, anchors to secure the crane and parts that can fall off when you crash. Parts like the bumper and mirrors can brake off. This can sometimes lead to bugs as this behaviour is not yet complete coded. But very impressive as it is now. Also watch all the moving parts such as the cables of the crane and the crane winch block. Really impressive mod this.

Does not do MP or achievements.

* Update 1 : The crane is now a addon.
* Update 2 : The defect in the crane is now fixed. Package updated.

screenshot.3888 screenshot.3889 screenshot.3890 screenshot.3891 screenshot.3892

** Update 3-12-15
By some combined efforts of Gabe_2.0, MarijnS95 and Marcel79 this crane can now be used in the latest_stable

Man Titan Crane Latest Stable
Man Titan Crane Latest Stable
Man Titan Crane_latest_stable.7z
11.7 MiB
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19 Responses to ST14 – MAN TRUCK TITAN CRANE

  1. luke says:

    After pressing the R advanced option then clicking restore the truck exploaded….every piece went flying

  2. Bruce says:

    Hi, I have installed this mod and I get the truck but it has no crane. I've tried every which way to troubleshoot and reinstall to no avail. hate asking but I need help…

  3. luke says:

    Thank you so much, as i kept playing i found out if you put the crane under to much stress like trying to flip a car up on a mountain a little ways it also exploads, but im downing the new one now


  4. luke says:

    also do i use mantitan.xml or mantitan2.xml


  5. luke says:

    all three trucks in the trucks folders appear without the crane but it has the shadow, but no advanced option for crane. old one works fine

  6. carl says:

    same here… all three trucks appear without the crane… cleaned the cache many times also used ccleaner to be sure but still no cranes.

  7. Griffin Roux says:

    How do you control the crazy machine???

  8. Robert Pfeiffer says:

    What vehicle does it replace? I like to see the crane on a kraz.

  9. Kjetil Sedeniussen says:

    how do u get the hook down and the rest of the controls

  10. Kjetil Sedeniussen says:

    its yellow on the pictures but mines was green

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