ST14 – MAN F2000 19414 TANDEM

Author: Man model unknown. Texture trailer: MX270 Model Body: Werkstattleiter. Wheels: ETS 2. Edited: ronnie
MP/Achievements: No

This is the MAN F2000 19414 Tandem truck. With trailers. And a choice in tires. It has 4×4 power on the back wheels, the front wheels do nothing but steer. So be carefull where to drive this truck. The addons consist of a logging addon, a car transporter, cargo transport and container. Same goes for the trailers. Nice detailing on this conversion from Europe Truck Simulator 2013.

screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-11-095712-2014_Conflict screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-11-095757-2014_Conflict screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-11-100110-2014_Conflict screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-11-100728-2014_Conflict

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  1. BahamutX says:

    this changed all my trucks name to kraz any idea why?

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