ST14 – LAV 25

Author: Arraial
Source: here
Mp/Achievements: No

Arraial has done it again. Create a cool mod to showcase the capabilities of ST. Moveable parts and drivers which moves with the vehicle when it bounces through some ruts. Really good stuff.

screenshot.4153 263280_2014-11-24_00007 263280_2014-11-24_00008 263280_2014-11-24_00009 263280_2014-11-24_00010 263280_2014-11-24_00011

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6 Responses to ST14 – LAV 25

  1. BahamutX says:

    can you make the gun fire?

  2. Honda Tadakatsu says:

    This thing is AWESOME. You can open the hatches, move up soldiers, rotate the turret, use the guns elevation settings…. textures are good, power feels realistic (not overpowered like so many other mods…)

    I’d like to see more military vehicles like this. And I’ll make a map for them 😀

  3. James says:

    Does this come with any addons?

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