Author: Yuri Eremchuck
Source: Oovee

This is a must have car. The iconic Landrover Defender 90 in a rally edition. Comes with two tire flavours. You can open doors,bonnet etc. Rides really good and likes to get dirty. Download and enjoy, this is a truck you have to experience!

With thanks to Templar for fixing the textures which were backwards.

** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku **

screenshot.3863_LAP-1938_aug-11-154924-2014_Conflict screenshot.3863_LAP-1938_aug-11-153418-2014_Conflict screenshot.3863_LAP-1938_aug-11-153433-2014_Conflict screenshot.3863_LAP-1938_aug-11-153645-2014_Conflict screenshot.3863_LAP-1938_aug-11-154210-2014_Conflict screenshot.3863_LAP-1938_aug-11-154243-2014_Conflict

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5 Responses to ST14 – LANDROVER DEFENDER 90

  1. DKmode says:

    Hello, I am having a difficulty with this mod.  The tires and rims are blacked out and the default set leaves black marks along the road. Any ideas?  I have tried your shadow spot fix, and i have installed reinstalled several times, has to be something with the wheel textures.  Please advise.  I love this truck!

    • says:

      Well have you tried clearing the cache folder of spin tires.. depending on your windows version its the Spin Tires folder in the %appdata% folder. Delete the ST folder in there and then start the game.

  2. Romildo says:

    Hello, god job with this mod.

    I have a little problem,  the wheels are appearing all black without texture, can it be incompatibility with another mod wheel ?? I'm using this MODTirestexturacache.


  3. Kaku says:

    February 21, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Test ok.

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