ST14 – KRAZ 6437 Pack

Author: PrAIZeR, BrUISeR, Denis_WRC, Kinbolon, V1RU$, ТиамаТ_ЕА, Vladislav, ronnie
Source: Zagruzka-mods

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– multiplayer and achievements not working; 
– replaces KrAZ;
– sounds of the engine from the original game KrAZ;
– the model is the animation of the suspension;
– the model has its wheels;
– the model contains the original configuration of the game. 

screenshot.3760 screenshot.3761 screenshot.3762 screenshot.3763 screenshot.3764 screenshot.3765

ST14 - KrAZ-6437 CabCol V1.0
ST14 - KrAZ-6437 CabCol V1.0
ST14 - KrAZ-6437 CabCol
Version: 2.0
16.2 MiB
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