ST14 – Kirovets K-700

Author: Nicholas Kutsepalov

** package xml files updated ** kuka **

Another might beast of burden to enjoy in the full game. The Kirovets K-700 tractor. It can pull just about anything you attach to it. Really good tractor to have.

Replaces Zil 130 in the game and does not play MP or achievements.

screenshot.3398 screenshot.3399 screenshot.3400 screenshot.3401 screenshot.3402 screenshot.3403

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10 Responses to ST14 – Kirovets K-700

  1. Jur says:

    hi when install this its black  what is the problem ?? i dont understand thank us

    • says:

      No problem here. But maybe you can check the xml file in the meshes folder. If it says trucks\ for any images used in that xml then remove the trucks\ bit.

  2. Karolis says:

    The mod doesnt work on lastest beta version.

    • says:

      Have not checked yet. Did you clear the cache folder?

      • Karolis says:

        Yes i always do that before installing mods. Everything im doing correctly, but i get error when i start any map. I think its because of the file in media>textures>KirovetsK700A__da(íѺ ½«ú«G¿»á ¡á ñóÑans).tga / I think game cant read these simbols.

        • says:

          I downloaded the zip from my site again and installed it on my exisiting ST installation. Works just fine.

        • João says:

          i had a similar problem (not with this mod) all i did was remove any archieve from the media folder (not the rar) and remove the user folder, then i checked the files on the steam, it downloaded the things i removed, seems like a lot to do, but it took less than a minute.

  3. TheDisturbed50 says:

    I also experienced a problem with the above mentioned .tga texture, my windows 8 pc wont add that file to the Media.ZIP because of the foreign characters. I renamed the file and have not yet been able to locate an XML to change the file name it is trying to use.

    I cant wait for a fix 🙂

  4. Kaku says:

    January 23, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Customized folder structure. Test ok.

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