ST14 – Kamaz 5410

Original Author: Alex Kamazovich
ST14 Auhtor: “WRANGLER”
MP/Achievements: No
Replaces: Ural

This is the Kamaz 5410. A tractor truck with only difflock so it wil be harder to get around the maps, especially where it is muddy. Stil a good truck though with a variety of addons, mostly cosmetic. The wheels do not collect mud due to lack of alpha channel on the wheels.

screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-23-092922-2014_Conflict screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-23-093021-2014_Conflict screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-23-093433-2014_Conflict screenshot.3985_LAP-1938_sep-23-093736-2014_Conflict


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