ST14 – Jeep Cherokee XJ

Author: SID
Original Author: Igor Vicorow (
Source: Oovee

Need a car to do some rock climbing then use this for a change :). There is a ton more of info on the Oovee forum but suffice to say this car will keep you busy for a while climbing rocks etc.

You can load it with a rack and three choices of tyre.
To replace truck textures copy the new texture file from the SID jeep paint folder and paste it into this this textue folder.

Does not do MP or achievements.

** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku **

screenshot.3864 screenshot.3865 screenshot.3866 screenshot.3867

Version 1.3 out now:
– Updated all textures with specular maps, body, wheels and suspension. Added new diff covers.
screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-092941-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-093352-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-093605-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-093822-2014_Conflict screenshot.3871_LAP-1938_aug-20-104457-2014_Conflict


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14 Responses to ST14 – Jeep Cherokee XJ

  1. Alex says:

    When i enable “Dev” Mode and brings up dialoque box. In the dialoque box it say cannot find template-SID Jeep Cheroke XJ.
    Please Help!!!!

  2. Kaku says:

    February 21, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Test ok.

  3. bryson says:

    hey man is there any way u could help me make the cock pit view work for this? ive managed to get the hood cam inside the jeep but i cant get it to go any closer without it going to far PLEASE help ! 🙁

    • says:

      It takes some fiddling. If i don’t respond in 1 week post again 😉 i get sidetracked easy.

      • Bryso92 says:

        hey bro i managed to get the cock pit view all dialed in except for one minor issue if u look its kinda angled down heres my camera .xml code[ Cabin=”(-0.50; 1.89; 0.2)” ]if at all possible could u fix this? lol thanks again mate!

      • Bryso92 says:

        hey m8 have u had a chance to take a look at this beast?

      • Bryso92 says:

        hey man did u ever get a chance for that ?

  4. 5talker27 says:

    I have the full version of the game, but It doesn’t work ç_ç
    ( NONE – Opt out of all beta programs )

  5. _dtch says:

    I noticed that this vehicle doesn’t show up when you click on the drop-down ‘Vehicles -> SID’

    Just a heads up!

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