St14 – Hummer H2 SUT 6×6

Author: Bregel
Source: unknown

Bregel created this monster a while back in the tech demo days. It is a big brute that will try to conquer almost any terrain. Three types of tires are available. It has good suspension and animation besides just looking intimidating. The truck  is upgraded to the latest xml and filename specs.

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4 Responses to St14 – Hummer H2 SUT 6×6

  1. Bombine33 says:

    I miss the original wheels 🙁

    Do you know if i could get pwrmission fram Bregel to convert the original wheels ?

    • says:

      You could try to get in contact with him. I am doing the same. His work should be available to all to enjoy 🙂

  2. BahamutX says:

    nice hummer,hope he converts the 4×4 as well.

  3. zachary bradley says:

    i want to know has any body have problems with the sound file bc i am i tryed ever thing and i cant get to work can anyone help please

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