ST14 – Hummer H2 SUT 4×4

Author: Bregel
Source: unknown

This is the more common version of the H2 Hummer. With just 4 wheels ;). The mod comes with a choice in wheels and various small addons like a winch bumper. The exhaust smoke was missing so i added that to the xml. The truck drives really good and has excellent suspension and animation. Bregel did a good job on this truck. Guaranteed fun!

Updated the mod so it has a higher tolerance for a high water levels.

74.9 MiB


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19 Responses to ST14 – Hummer H2 SUT 4×4

  1. Deadface says:

    does this disable multiplayer

  2. kimpoiot says:

    how to do i raise the dangerous water level? coz’ its too low on this vehicle…is it a simple edit on the xml files or do i need to alter the model itself?

  3. Nicolas Costa says:

    What is the map Used Here ?

  4. Rav3n says:

    Hello, I’m having an issue with this vehicle. It seems like no matter what I do, as soon as I do any serious off-roading it starts violently shaking. The shaking gets worse until either the game crashes or it settles on it’s side/roof. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  5. josh says:

    so I just downloaded this mod and there seems to be some glitch where the hummer just shakes lol.

  6. Captain007 says:

    I was showing this truck to a friend today and it started glitching out like crazy.Good thing i was recording gameplay. The trunk for the uaz is the problem i think. It bounces around,then making the truck bounce around alot. I tested this out 3 times with the same results but its pretty funny =D

    video link of hummer (unlisted)

  7. BahamutX says:

    can you upload the latest version from the steam work shop?

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