ST14 – How install mods manually


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  1. Pedro de Sousa says:

    And my the text of Spintires disappeared… how can i fix it?

    • says:

      Which text? Do you have a screenshot?

      • Pedro de Sousa says:

        I'm running a cracked version of Spintires to not lose the MP and Achievements on the original one. I did this and installed the Mercedes 65G. And then (screenshot)

        • says:

          I do not in any form or shape agree with the usage of pirated software version of Spin Tires. 

          The usage of mods will be added soon which will also support MP and achievements.

          I will not ban you from using this site but don’t ask for my help again.


          • Pedro de Sousa says:

            I'm 100% sure that you didn't read all my comment. I said "to not lose MP and achievements on the original one" so…. I have the original one. I don't really care if you ban me tbh, you're not helping me again from what you said 🙂

            Have a nice day.

          • says:

            Nope. You are using a pirated version. Helping you now would be saying “yes i agree with using a pirated version”. Something that does go well with being a moderator on the Oovee forum. Your not banned but do not expect help from me.

  2. Biff says:

    I'm not good at mods what so ever, but I tried following these directions and once I started the game the UAZ ( I tried to load the 98 Suburban) nothing appears. Is there a way to fix this? Or what should I do?


  3. tarnsientborder says:


  4. Mike says:

    Can any one please help me out installing mods on a steam account step by step

  5. Lancer03DrVr says:

    Two questions actually. Are the downloaded vehicles only usable in the Dev version? and second, if I can use them in the full version, how do I access and add them to a map once they are installed? 

    • says:

      Mod post marked with ST13 are for the Dev and ST14 is for the full game.

      • Lancer03DrVr says:

        I know that much. What I'm asking is how do I get the vehicles in game, and is it possible to have ST14 downloaded vehicles AS WELL as the stock vechiles. And if so, how do I add them to my maps? 

        • says:

          If you download a ST14 vehicle, for example the Ford F350, you have a collection of maps. Among which is the classes\trucks folders. In there is usually the xml of the truck. Lets say for the Ford its f350xml. You then rename that to ural.xml (as an example) or any other of the default trucks. Then you uploads all the mod folders into the Media folder of your Spin Tires installation folder. And then you have the Ford F350 in the game instead of the ural. So yes stock and mods go together in 1 game but until mod support is build in you will have to sacrifice a stock car to be able to ride a mod car like the Ford etc. I hope this gets you what you need.

  6. boxxer says:

    can you show me how to install a mod of dump truck kamaz on windows xp please


    • says:

      Sorry i can’t. I left Windows XP behind me a looooong time ago. Don’t even have a virtual copy running to be able to show you how or what. 

  7. Emulators says:

    its insucesful video in fact. where is the part of preparing game itself to be actually able to install mods? i mean extracting game zip archives and making changes in user config file so game reads data from folders and not from zip’s. updated video would be nice.

    ps. im no newbie i know how to do it all but i bet there is ton of ppl who don’t know/

    • says:

      Hey Emulators. I’ll see if i can let Linc look at your comment. Afaic the video is good enough to be used but there is always room for improvement ;). Thanks for this.

    • Bas Slob says:

      Hi Emulators, I made the video and I showed everything I had to do to make the mod load. Extracting the game zip archives is not needed. And making changes in the user config file is not needed either. Maybe in some cases you have to adjust the textures archives file. But for 99% of the time my method works. I use it all the time on all the mods I try out. No problem at all.

  8. Cmerk says:

    I cant find materials folder, or the texture folder when i try to mod, i have the steam version, please help i cant seam to find the answer

    • says:

      When you have a fresh install of ST there are no folder to be found in the Media folder. You copy them from the mod you downloaded into that Media folder. Easy as that. Just watch the video and follow the steps and you should be ok.

  9. Dustin says:

    I was downloading mods, and missplaced a folder… So I deleted it, and now I am missing vehicles in the single player full game..

  10. Foo-tay says:

    I followed the video and can’t get the trucks in there. I see the add on stuff for the mods but don’t have the actual vehicle. I can only use the starter trucks. Anymore help on this would be great.

    • says:

      If you download a mod there is always a classes\trucks folder. Look inside that folder to see which car is being replaced by the mod. Could be uaz.xml or zil.xml etc etc
      So if you want to change the ural you begin with on the Hill map change the mod xml to ural.xml etc etc

  11. Shumayal says:

    I just got my ST but I don’t know if I have ST13 or ST14
    How do I find out? It only says SpinTires.

  12. Spencer says:

    I got the game using a disc i bought from a store. it doesn’t have the steampowered folder. what do i do?

  13. spence says:

    what are the .xml names for trucks?

  14. Bob says:

    What if I can’t can’t get maps to work? I installed a few ST14 ones manually in the Steam version, and they showed up, except when I clicked “start new game” with the map selected, a spintires window popped up that just said “ok”, and the map didn’t load. Do I have to download a corresponding car because none are selected for the map?

  15. spence says:

    I don’t have the steam version. How would I get the legacy version of SpinTires, like you told Bob to do?

  16. Atupele Lamba says:

    Hi I installed steam but when i got to properties i do not have the same options as in the video.. i only got shortcut. And no i did not but the game through steam.

  17. Well says:

    How to i like “add” trucks into my game if i already have mods but i cant use the trucks.

  18. Brayton says:

    how to i install more than one truck i just cant figure it out

  19. spinnning tires says:

    is there a thread on how to make xml files for trucks? I really want to learn to build my own trucks any info is appriciated

  20. muneeb says:

    i cant find the textures in my directory….

  21. Alex says:

    I have about the same question as Brayton. The way you install/replace one truck is the same way you install/replace more trucks. But as there are lots of similar named files you get the question what to do with them. If you’re asked to join maps I assume you have to answer ‘yes’, but what to do with all those similar named (asset) files? Replace them or not? And if, which ones???

  22. McGillis says:

    just wanted to say thanks.

  23. Emil0793 says:

    I install a multiplayer mods but now i can not still play multiplayer .

  24. Everett says:

    I’ve downloaded a dozen different vehicles but only two of them have .xml files named to replace an original stock vehicle. How can I use my other downloaded trucks if they don’t have an .xml to replace an orignal? I am using Steam client and have tried the Legacy Beta, and the full version, both with and without a mod enabler program. The vehicles were all downloaded from the SprinTires website.

  25. Joey says:

    Can you use more then one car mod at a time? I cannot seem to use more then one

  26. Ben says:

    Hi everyone,
    I was wandering if I could still mod spintires if i get the disc version?

    Thanks, Ben

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