ST14 – GMC C4500 6×6 Ironhide

Author: Nicossalonso
ST14 Conversion: Igor Spolovich

Another unauthorized conversion from Igor Spolovich. If only he would ask the original authors for permission.

Anyway, despite the illegal conversion, this is a amazing 6×6 big truck resembling Ironhide from the Transformers movie. You can fit it with 4 different tires, throw in some extra fuel and add repair points. Take it easy with this one because it can flip when going at high speed across rough terrain.

** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku **

screenshot.3613 screenshot.3614 screenshot.3615 screenshot.3616 screenshot.3617 screenshot.3618 screenshot.3619 screenshot.3620 screenshot.3621 screenshot.3622


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6 Responses to ST14 – GMC C4500 6×6 Ironhide

  1. cody mullen says:

    i copied all the files over into the unzipped folders. do i need to zip them again? I suck at this whole mod thing!!

  2. Glenn says:

    Hello. I downloaded and installed this like it should and I have no sound.. I'm assuming I installed everything correctly. I only have reverse sound but no forward sound lol would be cool if someone could help me out 😛

    • says:

      I place the mods as i find them. Sorry if it has no sound. When i find a better version it wil be updated.

  3. Joshua Halliwell says:

    Its an awesome truck and works great but I swear once its has rolled it’s game over. It is IMPOSSIBLE to flip it right side up again.

  4. Kaku says:

    February 09, 2015 Converted to the latest xml and filename standard. Test ok.

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