ST14 – Ford F350

Author: BruteTerror
Skin: SpunInDarkness
Tech Support Anders OrumArraial
Testing, Unlimited Modding Team
Source: Oovee

This is the might Ford F350 pickup truck. Brought to live in ST14 by BT and SID. Its a powerfull truck which brings you a choice in tires, exchaust (rear and two types of stacks) and two trailers. One logging trailer and one transporter trailer. Also 8 different paintjobs to suit your mood.

To Change Paints
-Open F350 textures
-Open the folder of the paint you want
-Copy the file and paste in in the main F350 textures
-Clear Cache Done

This mod does not do MP or achievements

screenshot.3879 screenshot.3880 screenshot.3881 screenshot.3882 screenshot.3883

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30 Responses to ST14 – Ford F350

  1. BahamutX says:

    good one.very nice looking truck.

  2. BahamutX says:

    do you know how i can change the sound on the .xml with zil sound?

  3. ivan says:

    i cant make it work im doing exactly as usual with other. but tis one make my zil  disapears. and doesnt show anything.

    • says:

      Clear cache. If the Zil dissapears its most likely because the truck xml is named zil.xml. Try renaming it ural.xml and clear cache and then use the Hill map to check if it wil work now.

  4. sean says:

    I have done everything that you explained in your tutorial video and the above statement on installing the f350 mod. nothing works. I either end up in the woods or water with no vehicle or I end up with other vehicles that came with the game but no wheels. can I please get some help? thanks.

  5. TrentonW says:

    Tried everything, nothing works. I’ve tried renaming the mod and extracting everything. I’ve looked up how to and youtube videos. Non of those work either. [Windows 8 computer]

    • says:

      Well ten i do not know. If i download this zip, extract it and then paste into the Media folder it works. I myself always rename the truck xml to ural.xml because i like the hills map a lot. Make sure to clear cache before starting ST after copying some new mod in the Media folder.

  6. mickey martin says:

    the transport trailer has many issues, if you leave it to go into another truck it frequently glitches out, i also had one where i disconnected it and it rolled back into one of my other trucks glitchy into it causing a massive awesome to whatch glitch as the truck and trailer flew around lol. still that f350 nice and beautiful truck to drive. once came back to find the f350 and tht transport truck vertical like a pyramid

  7. Fret Fella says:

    just wow… pretty majestic… wow

  8. SM89' says:

    Hello, I really enjoy the mod, thanks!

    I can not seem to find the correct place to change the paint color. I’ve pasted the correct file into all the texture folders of the 350 textures. Is anyone else experiencing this? Hopefully its a misunderstanding on my end.

  9. SM89' says:

    Thank you kind Sir!

    It worked once I downloaded the program for Oovee.

    Much Appreciated

  10. TAO says:

    How can I do screenshot the photo and show you the issue. It is my first download the mod and it have black box at bottom of truck. What can I fix it? thanks..

  11. TAO says:

    F-350 have not update? or my game need update. I am learn these things. I am not afraid to try fix it. Something new to learn :0). I will comment on “upgrading existing full game mods” Thanks..

  12. TAO says:

    It work! Thanks for awesome truck! it will be nice if it can have utility bed.

  13. killouz says:

    Hi i answer you about “can we change the vehicule that the vehicule mod replace ?

  14. spinout says:

    Can you make more attachments,and also, the log trailer wont hold logs.

  15. spinout says:

    Otherwise, a very good mod.

  16. Julian says:

    Love the camo and the addons

  17. Jags says:

    work for latest version???

  18. isaiah says:

    how do I download

  19. Montec1983 says:

    Where is the download link for the 2008 Ford F-350 Long BEd??? Its not there

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