ST14 – Desert Challenge Map

Author: V12
Source: Here

This map holds something for those who love to watch the Dakar Rally. Lots of sand and mud to try and plow through with a truck. Good fun to to try and make your own routen off the beaten track.

Level Desert Challenge Latest Stable
Level Desert Challenge Latest Stable
level_Desert Challenge_latest_stable.7z
16.0 MiB

Latest stable by: King Unique

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11 Responses to ST14 – Desert Challenge Map

  1. CannasaurusX says:

    The map doesn’t load on the Legacy build so I had to change back to the Normal ST and update the game, now it loads just fine.

    A decent map with an interesting layout, however its a little open and there is a little too much asphalt road for my liking, other than that though, a good map. Definitely worth a try!


  2. Karolis says:

    The map is working on main version

  3. Karolis says:

    Ok ill rate this map 5/10, first its booring and annoyng, the sticky roads all the time. There is 3 trucks u can have in this map, kamaz, maz and modified kraz_rs, kraz is like dune buggy, have power to go on automatic box 4th gear maximum speed all the time.

    Rate 5/10

  4. Mr Robert Joseph Meek says:

    Multiplayer does not work 🙁

  5. V12 says:

    Yes, modified Kraz RS is real rally machine 🙂 But attention – his gravity centre is relative higher and truck like to roll over roof in sharp corners. Long sticky road around all map is intented as rally special stage. But remember :
    First job (transport wood), then fun (race against stop watch) 🙂

    • CannasaurusX says:

      Rally special stage, Interesting Idea I guess.

      What about making a map that’s MP compatible and having say 4 x C255’s loaded with long logs at the start. The challenge starts on a wide road with low mud value and the players have to drag race to the next challenge, the hill climb. Here they must, climb a hill with their load and race to the next challenge. Etc, etc, etc.

      You could get really creative and make some pretty insane mud sports in the game so why not give it a go! Spin Tires Olympics awaits……

      ^ No copyrights involved so get yourself modding ahah…

  6. Paul says:

    There is no Garage in the map, and only one vehicle.

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